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Abaqus Co-simulation with XFlow

Posted by James Ford on Jan 25, 2023 2:07:51 PM

Multiphysics simulations are widely investigated, but not that commonly applied in industrial cases. Due to their complexity, one may need to couple different numerical methods to achieve satisfying results.

Using multiphysics simulations allows the interaction between different physical phenomena to be captured. This proved a more complete understanding of system behaviour when compared to, for example, separate structural and fluid simulations do in isolation.

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Topics: XFlow CFD

Abaqus 2023 Installation Guide

Posted by Oliver Bracher on Jan 18, 2023 11:14:30 AM

This blog will summarize how to install Abaqus 2023.

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Topics: simulation, abaqus 2023

What is Simpack?

Posted by Lukasz Fasciszewski on Nov 21, 2022 1:38:31 PM

Simpack is the MBS technology leader on the market. It provides all required tools to perform Multi-Body simulations - ergonomic interface and high-end class solvers. Simpack has holistic software architecture, which means that all features are compatible and distributed in modules due to their particular application or use in the specific branch of the industry, from the general machinery through automotive, rail and wind turbines etc.

The common property all kind of MBS models are that, they can express mechanical and mechatronic systems, resulting in the evaluation of their complex dynamic behavior. 

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Topics: simulia, simulation, simpack

SIMIF 2022 Series | Life Sciences | 7th Dec | Online

Posted by Johan Kölfors on Nov 9, 2022 2:52:35 PM

New for 2022!
The Simulation Innovation Forum (SIMIF) is evolving into a series of online bite sized advanced simulation events. This event will focus on the benefits and possibilities of simulation in the life science industry.

On the 7th December 2022, you will gain insight into developing tomorrow's medical devices and treatments today with realistic simulation.

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Tips for Running Abaqus Jobs on A Server

Posted by Ebbe Smith on Sep 29, 2022 1:00:10 PM

Abaqus is one of the tools that can be fed an almost unlimited computing power, over the years we have seen it been used on everything from old laptops (!!) to centralized well-driven HPC clusters. In this post I highlight some of the commands and functions that are useful when working on a Linux server. Some of these commands will still be useful on a windows platform.

Almost all of these topics deserve their own posts. The motivation behind this blog is to give a few useful pointers for readily available functionality, commands and tools for working on a remote server. 


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Topics: Abaqus 2022

How to Save an Animation in Abaqus

Posted by Ebbe Smith on Sep 14, 2022 9:50:34 AM

The TECHNIA Simulation technical team were asked for advice in how to create videos for PowerPoint presentations with Abaqus/CAE. As this information can prove useful for more users, we’ve decided to publish it as a quick blog post.

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Topics: Abaqus

Additive Manufacturing Simulations in Abaqus - Update

Posted by Jakub Michalski on Jun 23, 2022 2:08:50 PM

Abaqus version 2022 now offers fully embedded additive manufacturing (AM) process simulation features. The AM Modeler plug-in, which previously had to be downloaded from the Dassault Systèmes website, is now available as a built-in plug-in in Abaqus/CAE. 

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Topics: Abaqus 2022

Optimize Design Process for Sustainability with Generative Design

Posted by Zhenhua Dai on Jun 7, 2022 5:44:34 PM

Traditionally, the human input from the designer play an essential role in design process. The design is mainly based on established practice and experience of the designer. The design variants depend on the previous design shapes. In comparison, with Generative Design, computers generate the optimal shape. Requirements for installation space, material and manufacturing process are considered. The function of the component determines the results.

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Topics: generative design

Running Batches of Jobs With Abaqus Python

Posted by Ebbe Smith on May 31, 2022 12:16:28 PM

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to build a tiny yet highly useful python script that can easily be modified to include more useful features. This solution is based on built-in functionality, i.e., no additional installation or investment is required.

A batch in this setting is a collection of Abaqus jobs. These can be the cause of several load-cases and geometries, parameter studies and design of experiments, or just a mix of everything. Regardless, the possibility to run a batch of jobs without any human interference is an essential feature in the FEA analyst toolbox.

There are many techniques and tools that are designed to do exactly this – from advanced third-party queuing systems to OS-dependent batch scripts. One-size fits none as team-size, hardware, OSes, and usage poses different needs from one company to the next when it comes to the implementation of FEA.

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Topics: python

SIMIF 2022 Series | Electromagnetic Simulation Event | 8th June | Online

Posted by Johan Kölfors on May 19, 2022 10:58:36 AM

New for 2022!
The Simulation Innovation Forum (SIMIF) is evolving into a series of online bite sized advanced simulation events. In the opening session the focus will be on the benefits and possibilities of Electromagnetic (EM) simulation.

On the 8th June 2022, get a hands-on overview how to simulate EMC behaviour of a PCB from start to finish in our live workshop. You will see how the PCB layout is imported from Altium/Cadance/Zuken into the 3D simulation tool CST and investigated for radiated emissions.

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Topics: Electromagnetic Simulation

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