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Is my FEA model good enough? – Tales from academia

Posted by Paul Bolcos on Apr 6, 2021 8:36:53 AM

In this blog I wanted to explore the age-old question facing most FEA analysts: Is my model good enough? with examples from my PhD work in knee joint biomechanics.

To create an FE model and run it in a reasonable amount of time, several assumptions and simplifications are needed. One of the aims of one of the knee joint FE models I developed previously was to rapidly identify locations at risk of OA in a patient-specific manner. To achieve the rapid part we used simplified materials models for the main tissues in the knee joint, based on previous literature studies:

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Topics: Tips, Tricks & Approaches, Accuracy FEA model, knee, femoral, tibial cartilage, collagen network damage

Simuleon welcomes Paul Bolcos as newest member to the team

Posted by Paul Bolcos on Mar 10, 2021 12:45:24 PM


I am Simuleon’s newest member and in this blog I’d like to give a short introduction to myself.

I am originally from Romania, where I finished my Bachelor’s in Electronics and Telecommunications. Then I moved to cold, but very nice Finland, where I finished my master’s in Science and Bioengineering and, just recently, my PhD in Applied Physics. In total, I’ve lived in Finland for about 9 years. Me and my partner moved to Veldhoven in July last year and are currently exploring the Dutch nature and culture.

One thing we noticed is that both the Finns and the Dutch love ice-skating, though the former has a bit of a climate advantage when it comes to natural ice.

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Topics: Events & Announcements, teammember, valuable experience, new employee

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