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Join our "Introduction to Abaqus FEA" Classroom Training - 17,18,19 January

Posted by Dolf Broekaart on Jan 8, 2018 10:40:28 AM


At the 17th, 18th and 29st of January 2018, Simuleon will hold a 3-day classroom training at our location in Bruchem, The Netherlands. The training is called "Introduction to Abaqus FEA".

This course is a comprehensive and unified introduction to the modeling and analysis capabilities of Abaqus. It teaches you how to solve linear and nonlinear problems, submit and monitor analysis jobs and view simulation results using the interactive interface of Abaqus. The following products are covered by training: Abaqus/CAE, Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit.

What will you learn?
The following topics will be handled during the training course:

    1. Linear and nonlinear structural analysis
    2. Static, dynamic and heat transfer analysis
    3. Material models: linear elasticity, hyperelasticity and metal plasticity.
    4. Loads and constraints
    5. Modeling contact
    6. Selecting the appropriate elements for your problem
    7. Feature-based modeling, parts and assemblies
    8. Working with CAD geometry and imported meshes
    9. Mesh generation techniques
    10. Creating, submitting and monitoring analysis jobs
    11. Viewing simulation results
    12. Restarting an analysis
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January 17th, 18th & 19th

09:00 - 17:00

Classroom training at our office location in Bruchem, The Netherlands


introduction to abaqus training course january

Topics: introduction to Abaqus Training Course

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