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Join our Online Training: Abaqus for Composites (Feb-2021)

Posted by Dolf Broekaart on Feb 1, 2021 9:43:06 AM

Over 5 weeks in a 2 hour session each week, from the 12th February till 12th of March, Simuleon will hold an Online Training with live broadcasting. The training is called "Abaqus for Composites".

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Topics: software, Abaqus, composite analysis, composite, Events & Announcements, adhesive, Online Training, XFEM

Abaqus hardware and licensing, standalone and via the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Posted by Christine Obbink-Huizer on Jan 25, 2021 3:43:10 PM

Personally, I find solving finite element problems way more interesting than installing the software, ensuring the hardware works and worrying about licenses. Unfortunately, hardware and licenses are needed to do the more interesting stuff. Therefore I’ll say a bit more about that in this blog.

I’ll go into the traditional options with standalone Abaqus as well as the running an .inp file using the 3D experience platform on the cloud.

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Topics: Abaqus, 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, license, hardware

Introduction to Non-Linear Analysis - Join FREE Abaqus Workshop ONLINE

Posted by Dolf Broekaart on Jan 11, 2021 1:58:15 PM

The “Introduction to Non-Linear Analysis Workshop” on the 22th of January from 13:00 - 17:00 CET, is a free ONLINE event for anyone who has some experience of simulation and FEA, but would like to look at extending the scope of the work they do. This workshop is an ideal way to understand what advanced simulation and SIMULIA Abaqus can offer, and find out how easy it actually is to perform a real world non-linear analysis.

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Topics: Non-Linear, Abaqus, Events & Announcements

Join our webinar: Characterizing materials and calibrating material models in Abaqus

Posted by Dolf Broekaart on Jan 11, 2021 1:51:59 PM

January’s webinar is entitled ‘Characterizing materials and calibrating material models in Abaqus’. It will be held on the 29th of January.

In this month’s webinar we will be looking at characterizing materials and calibrating material models in Abaqus. 
• The material calibration tool that allows you to import stress vs strain data into Abaqus to create elastic plastic materials
• Metal hardening models
• Elastomer characterization and behaviour
• How to define hyperelastic materials

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Topics: Abaqus, material calibration, hyperelastics, Events & Announcements, characterizing materials

Merry Christmas and the best wishes for the new year!

Posted by Christine Obbink-Huizer on Dec 17, 2020 12:51:50 PM

From Simuleon we wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2021!

And at least I am hoping for some snow ;)

Here in the Netherlands we have the expression that something can 'snow under'. Figuratively, this indicates that it's forgotten, because something else is taking up all the attention. Typically, this isn't a good thing, but in light of the current pandemic, it may not be a bad thing if we can forget 2020, hence this simulation with 2020 numbers ;-).

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Topics: Merry Christmas, Abaqus

Abaqus 2021 - What's new?

Posted by Nikolaos Mavrodontis on Dec 7, 2020 4:01:02 PM

Abaqus 2021 is out. In this blog post, we will be showing some of the enhancements, that we found interesting. Additionally most major enhancements will be highlighted, for this new Abaqus release. For a more in depth explanation of the new enhancements, you can take a look in the release notes, provided here.

The discussed enhancements, are included in versions up to Abaqus 2021 FD03(FP.CFA.2042), which has been released. More  enhancements are scheduled for later releases of Abaqus 2021x.

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Topics: whats new, Tips, Tricks & Approaches, Abaqus 2021

Last chance to register for SIMIF | 26th Nov 2020

Posted by Dolf Broekaart on Nov 24, 2020 10:23:40 AM

Register nowThis is your last chance to register for the Simulation Innovation forum taking place tomorrow at 26th of November. Already over 500 Simulation Specialists from all over the world have registered to our exciting online event, taking place tomorrow.

In case you need an additional reason to join, please take a look at the compelling agenda below.

I look forward meeting you all tomorrow!

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Topics: Events & Announcements

Simulating railway track hot rolling in Abaqus

Posted by Christine Obbink-Huizer on Nov 23, 2020 10:47:20 AM

In the hot rolling process, metal is heated and passed through one or more sets of rollers, to give it the desired cross-section for example. This process is used for the fabrication on railway tracks (Figure 1).

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Topics: Abaqus, Tips, Tricks & Approaches, roll forming process

Join our Online Simulation Innovation Forum | 26th Nov 2020

Posted by Dolf Broekaart on Nov 11, 2020 8:45:00 AM

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Topics: Events & Announcements

Analysis of a bolted composite joint with ply failure done in Abaqus

Posted by Nikolaos Mavrodontis on Nov 10, 2020 9:00:00 AM

In this blog post, we will be showing an analysis of a bolted joint. The joint comprises of two flat plates that are made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer material (CFRP). Both plates have the same 8 ply layup (symmetric), and have been modelled with stacked continuum shell elements. Ply failure modelling has been considered in terms of Hashin failure criterion damage initiation and fracture energy damage evolution.

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Topics: Abaqus, bolted connections, composite

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