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The Human Connector

Posted by Christine Obbink-Huizer on Mar 24, 2022 3:11:55 PM

This is my last blog here and I want to take this opportunity to not talk about Abaqus or other technical stuff for once, but instead focus on something that is even more important to me: human connections.last_blog

"Goodbye" is what I have to say, but "Thank you" is what lives in my heart.

 I want to thank the people that

  • allowed me to walk alongside them for a while, and see their choices, joys and struggles
  • believed in me, when I didn't. Who believed that even if I am struggling now, that doesn't mean I will always struggle
  • showed kindness, interest and empathy
  • made me smile every time I talked to them, because of how open and welcoming they are
  • told about taking drastic decisions and living with the consequences; this made me more open to go for new opportunities and see the chances rather than the bears on the road
  • were willing to take the first step towards making a connection and take the risk to be vulnerable first
  • lived out interesting reads such as Brené Brown's "the gifts of imperfection" and Carol S. Dweck's "Mindset"
  • showed communication is more important than perfectionism
  • embraced their idiosyncrasies and were willing to tell about them and laugh about them, making it easier to accept my own quirks
  • in general showed humanness and allowed me to be human as well

My time at Simuleon/TECHNIA has come to an end. But this is also a beginning and I am very excited to take the bits and pieces of the colleagues and customers that nestled in my heart with me when I start a new adventure.

 A friend recently shared the thought that we should not be worried about robots taking over, but of us becoming robots ourselves. Stay human. Live wholeheartedly. Embrace beauty, life, and hope. See humanity in your colleagues.

 "May your blessings be many, but not what you hoped they'd be" [Kendall Payne - Pray]

 A dieu!


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