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Tips for Running Abaqus Jobs on A Server

Posted by Ebbe Smith on Sep 29, 2022 1:00:10 PM

Abaqus is one of the tools that can be fed an almost unlimited computing power, over the years we have seen it been used on everything from old laptops (!!) to centralized well-driven HPC clusters. In this post I highlight some of the commands and functions that are useful when working on a Linux server. Some of these commands will still be useful on a windows platform.

Almost all of these topics deserve their own posts. The motivation behind this blog is to give a few useful pointers for readily available functionality, commands and tools for working on a remote server. 


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Additive Manufacturing Simulations in Abaqus - Update

Posted by Jakub Michalski on Jun 23, 2022 2:08:50 PM

Abaqus version 2022 now offers fully embedded additive manufacturing (AM) process simulation features. The AM Modeler plug-in, which previously had to be downloaded from the Dassault Systèmes website, is now available as a built-in plug-in in Abaqus/CAE. 

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Customizing your Abaqus 2022 environment with Python

Posted by Ebbe Smith on Apr 25, 2022 4:12:49 PM

Abaqus/CAE is integrated with Python 2.7, settings and commands are read through python-based environment files at start-up and commands are streamed to replay files along the session. This produces powerful opportunities to form the CAE environment into a specialized package to accelerate day-to-day tasks. Instead of painting a flowery picture I’d rather jump in and demonstrate selected techniques that enables you to customize the user interface to your will.

I often work on organically shaped CAD data and often find the default geometrical refinement setting too low – this does sadly not exist in the session.default* objects so we need to apply some creative approaches.

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Abaqus 2022: what's new?

Posted by Christine Obbink-Huizer on Dec 13, 2021 3:42:05 PM

Abaqus 2022 is available. In this blog I will highlight some of the modifications and provide a list of other improvements so you can check them out yourself if the topic is of interest to you.

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