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How to restart an Abaqus analysis

Posted by Christine Obbink-Huizer on Aug 23, 2019 2:45:17 PM

In short

  • Abaqus allows you to continue a previous analysis with a new analysis.
  • Restarting is only possible from increments for which restart files are available for the previous analysis.
  • These are requested before the previous analysis is run, from the step module, via “output” “restart requests”.
  • In the model attributes of the new analysis you can refer to the step of the previous job that should be used as starting point.
  • It is possible to continue an interrupted job as it was originally defined, or to add additional steps.
  • Because additional steps are a continuation of what was done before, it is not possible to include new geometry etc.
  • Select ‘restart’ as job type when running the restart analysis
  • The .odb of the restart analysis will only contain data of the newly simulated steps, so the output is split over two odb's.


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Topics: Abaqus, restart option, bolted pipe connection, bolt preloading, boltloads

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