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Buckling, Post-Buckling & Imperfections modelled with Abaqus FEA

Posted by Nikolaos Mavrodontis on Sep 12, 2017 9:51:48 AM

In this blog, we will describe the possibilities for Buckling and the methodology to take into account imperfections.

Buckling refers to the sudden collapse of a structural member , subjected to high axial compressive loading. This collapse takes the form of a sudden lateral deflection of the structural member. Therefore the structure’s load bearing ability is compromised under buckling. Based on the structure’s characteristics, either a consequent full collapse can occur or the structure’s load bearing capacity is restored in the post-buckled region. When the structure exhibits this sudden lateral deflection under axial compression, it is said that the buckling load has been reached. The importance of considering buckling during structural design is outlined by the fact that the buckling load is lower than the maximum load the structure can withstand under axial compression.

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Topics: Abaqus, Buckling, Imperfections, post-buckling

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